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Gold Canyon Cold Laser

Natural Healing with Cold Laser Therapy in Gold Canyon

photo__2_.JPGMany of us have never heard of Cold Laser or of the numerous benefits it brings to the world of natural and alternative forms of healing/healthcare.  Cold Laser, also known as low level laser, resonating laser or soft laser, may be the safest, gentlest, fastest and most effective method of healing ever known.

It is our goal at Superstition Chiropractic to increase your knowledge about Cold Lasers and what they can do for healing and pain relief. The word laser is an acronym for Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  The theory was first described by Albert Einstein who initially paved the way for the development of therapeutic laser.  Cold or Low Level Laser have been used for over 35 years in several countries to help bring about favorable biological and therapeutic effects in people, plants and animals.  In Canada, Europe and Australia cold laser has been a well accepted method of treating traumatic, inflammatory, and overuse injuries, pain relief and healing of arthritic lesions among other conditions.  In the last few years laser therapy in North America has been rapidly growing and the FDA has recently cleared multiple laser devices for treatment of a variety of medical conditions including: carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, low back pain, joint pain, generalized muscle pain and acceleration of wound healing.  Laser therapy is being used by governmental agencies such as NASA for treating medical conditions in space applications and the U.S. Olympic training facilities have released statements of endorsement for laser therapy for athletes.

The mechanism behind cold laser therapy is biostimulation, which actively stimulates healing instead of just reducing pain and inflammation.  The laser light is absorbed by the tissues, which then triggers several physiological responses leading to better health.  Some of these responses are tissue repair, improved circulation, reduction of inflammation and pain relief.  Some of the best known applications of laser therapy include both acute and chronic conditions such as: pain relief, wound healing, arthritis, headaches, neck pain, low back and sciatic pain, sprains and strains, post-operative pain, repetitive stress injuries, carpal tunnel, tennis or golfer's elbow, TMJ, knee pain, shoulder pain, tendonitis, fibromyalgia and soft tissue injuries.  Other conditions that are also treated with laser therapy are: shingles, tinnitus, acne, bedwetting, allergies, healing cold sores, herpes, hay fever and can even help you quit smoking.

 After receiving cold laser treatments you can expect a reduction in pain, better mobility and range of motion, and a reduction in the use of pain medication. Cold laser can also improve well being which will enable you to sleep better, have more energy and have an improved outlook on life.  Cold laser is becoming a revolution in natural health care.  It allows you to be treated for a variety of health problems without medication or side effects.  This makes laser therapy a treatment of choice for everyone since it gives results and is painless. 

If you are currently experiencing any of the above mentioned conditions, or if you would like to know if laser therapy is for you, call Superstition Chiropractic today at 480-983-2249 to schedule an appointment and become one of the many individuals who are experiencing the true healing power of cold laser.

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